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About Our Gym

Learn to perform Boxing, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts like a professional at Throwback Boxing in Mount Clemens Michigan. We offer Regular Fight Training, Fitness Only Fight Training, Junior Classes, Heavy Bag & Ab + Circuit Class, 12 &15 Round Fight Conditioning Circuits, Private & Semi Private Personal Training.

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Boxing Gloves

A Professional Gym

We're a Boxing Gym where beginners to professional fighters train. While we do train fighters most people only want to get in shape by training like a fighter, so we do cater to people who don't want to fight but just want to get in great shape. With us, you'll get personal attention in a comfortable environment with professional trainers that treat eveyone the same no matter what level of training your looking for.

Our Students

Proudly serving students in Macomb County, we will push you to reach your fighting and fitness goals. We offer different levels of intensity and technical training, but we teach everyone the right way to hit, kick, and workout on equipment. These techniques will make your workout more efficient, prevent injuries, and teach you personal defense.


"I worked with Coach Ken in a women-only boxing session several times. His ability to get me past my initial fears was really helpful to my personal growth, both in my fitness and personal confidence. Thank you, Coach."
Theresa W.

"Coach Ken took my boys into the gym and taught them skills in boxing and self-esteem. My boys are more confident, workout more often, and have created a tighter bond. I want to thank Coach Ken for his time spent with my boys and the results we see in them each day."
Jeff L.

"I have to say thank you to Coach Ken. I really wanted to learn to box. My father and I enjoyed watching boxing when I was a kid. It always made for great bonding time. So I found Coach Ken, and he shared his experience with me, and taught me the ropes (hahaha). Thanks Coach!!"
Bill H.

"Coach Ken has brought a new fitness passion to me with kickboxing. It demands a better me to get the most out of it. So I put my heart and soul into the lessons the coach gave and I am so happy I did. Great sport, great exercise, awesome results."
Ken M.

"I need a place to feel comfortable when I train. I don't like the mixed-gender classes myself. It's just not for me. So the women-only classes were perfect. I appreciate the time he makes to give a women-only class. It's the same type of training the men get, without the men. Highly recommended."
Gail S.

"I was going to a gym, like so many others, not feeling like I was focused. So I thought, maybe I can focus one-on-one better. So I trained one-on-one with Coach Ken. I learned more, worked harder, and felt like I was really getting the most of my fitness and training sessions. Thanks Coach Ken for you time with me."
Ben D.

Our Coaches Are Certified With the Michigan Association — USA Boxing®, Professional Boxing, AKA Certified Martial Arts, Amatuer and Professional MMA and Have Nearly 30 years Of Experience Training Students In Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA Standup, Fitness, Heavy Bag and Mitt Training, and Fight Conditioning, Including Sparring and In-Ring Competition.