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Basic Class Outline

BOXING & KICKBOXING: As you arrive, depending on your workout level and how much time you have, we start you on a 10-12-15-18 or 20 round workout. There is a ring timer that go off every three minutes with a thirty second rest between rounds. Example: a 12 round workout takes 42 minutes, a 15 round workout takes about 60 minutes. During that time a coach walks around and works with you as needed. Workouts are posted on a wall, you can choose one or coach may give you one. We have beginners workouts to advanced competitive workouts. As you get better we put you on harder workouts with more technique. If you wish to take part in sparring (contact fighting) let your coach know you are interested. Sparring is not at all required. You can train like a fighter without the fighting. During your training coach may pull you off to do focus mitts with you, work on your technique, run a group workout, do partner drills or anything he thinks needs work at the time. We're here to train you, push you and help you reach your goals. You get through the door, we'll keep you busy.

BAG & AB CLASS: Group class, starts with a 15 minute technique and warm up session, then moves to a 10 round heavy bag session with drills called out by a coanch and ends wilth a intense ab burnout session.

YOUTH BOXING & KICKBOXING: Real boxing and kickboxing training, everyone learns at their own pace. Sparring and competition is offered but not at all required. Our type of training helps kids with confidence, agility, speed, strength, balance, foot work, self defense and any other sport they take part in.